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DDOS Attack Trends of Q3 2014

October 15, 2014 – Based on the Arbor ATLAS Internet trends of 2014, they have released some interesting information from Q3 of this year.  They monitored about 90Tbps of IPv4 traffic across over 290+ ISP’s sharing data in real time.  Some of their key findings include…

There was a growth (4%) in the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP), with the peak attack at 124Gbps.

In September specifically, SSDP reflection made up 42% of attack events over 10Gbps.

After the massive increase in NTP reflection attacks in Q1, they still remain prevalent, however they are decreasing.

There have already been 133 events this year over 100Gbps, 22 of which were in Q3.

The largest attack in Q3 involved a UDP Flood of 264Gbps.

91.2% of attacks are now lasting less than 1 hour.

There has been an increase in DNS based attacks (port 53), and HTTPS attacks are also growing.

Australia is not normally in the top 10 targets, but in Q3 they were 4th at 4.4% of attacks.

Some interesting information here.  Bottom line is that attacks are always changing in size and type as mitigation efforts continue.  It’s a constant battle out there.


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