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DDOS-For-Hire Service Based in Israel Has Been Exposed

September 15, 2016 – It turns out, in the last couple years, a service called “vDOS” has earned over $600,000 launching ddos attacks for paying clients.  Their service was hacked, exposing customer information, their victims, and the fact that vDOS has launched over 150,000 attacks.  In fact, between the months of April to July 2016, the amount of attack traffic launched, adds up to almost 9 years worth. obtained the vDOS database.  Two young men in Israel seem to be the owners and masterminds of vDOS, with support coming from a few young hackers in the US.  The service sells packages ranging from $20 to $200/month and includes a certain length of time the attack will run.

The hack on vDOS stemmed from one source’s findings of another service called PoodleStresser.  PoodleStressers attack servers pointed back to vDOS’ servers and it turns out, there are several other services that point to the same thing.  The source was then able to exploit an even more serious vulnerability in vDOS that allowed dumping all of the service’s databases and config files, and found the real Internet address of four servers that were rented in Bulgaria at   It looks like these are being used to launch the attacks sold by vDOS. The DDoS-for-hire service is hidden behind Cloudflare, but its actual Internet address is

After further digging into the service, support tickets submitted by their customers were exposed.  It looks like vDOS refused to launch an attack on any Israel based site, presumably to stay under the radar from Israel authorities.

Out of any ddos-for-hire service, vDOS seems to have been around the longest and generated the most money by far.


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