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Cloudflare’s mitigation solution includes a global network and protects you from all types of attacks including, layer 3/4 and 7 attacks.   They have various plans below that you can choose from.



Free Package – includes fast site performance, some security features, visitor stats

Pro – $20/month for first website, $5/month for additional
Includes:  Mobile optimization, web application firewall, SSL, real-time stats, basic insights

Business – $200/month for each website
Includes:  all pro features, advanced ddos mitigation, web optimization, 100% guaranteed uptime

Enterprise – Average of $5,000/month, call for an exact price
Includes:  all business features, help with setup, dedicated account manager, 24×7 phone support, 2500% SLA,


  • Overall Rating55555

    Our site experienced a DDOS attack and all our host cold do was null route our IP – so our site was out of service. We signed up for Cloudflare and in just a few hours (propagation) we were up and running. Their service and support were excellent and most importantly, they mitigated the attack.

  • Overall Rating22222

    I’m sure most of us have read the news about Anonymous claiming that Cloudflare is hosting ISIS websites. Anonymous is the organization that launches the majority of DDOS attacks across the web, and since the attacks in Paris, Anonymous has been targeted ISIS’ web presence. They came to find out that ISIS is sitting behind Cloudflare, or so they say.
    In my opinion, whether this is true or not, I wouldn’t host my web properties with a provider that might even be hosting ISIS sites. If Anonymous was lying, I don’t see why they would pick Cloudflare randomly out of all the ddos mitigation providers out there to throw under the bus. One way or the other, if you’re shed under this light, I don’t want to associate myself with you. Not to mention, from what I’ve heard out there, Cloudflare is a best efforts attempt at mitigation, and if their network is threatened enough, they will just drop you. I would not choose them.

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