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Cisco Assigns Radware to Provide it’s DDOS Mitigation Technology

July 6, 2015 – Cisco assigns Radware to provide it’s DDOS mitigation technology for their new appliance called Cisco Firepower 9300.
Cisco made this selection because their technology properly identifies and minimizes cyber threats, particularly ones
that target application availability.

Radware’s mitigation technology is a real-time, behavioral based solution that protects applications without blocking
legitimate traffic. Cisco’s 9300 device is designed to be a more threat centric solution for service providers, that
includes advanced firewalling, ddos mitigation, and other security services.

Cisco can now provide enhanced agility by allowing security to follow dynamic workloads and data flows through open and
programmable networks. Security providers can benefit from this by avoiding problems that traditional, siloed security
services typically present.


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